Mr.Diran M. Majarian

Managing Director



Mr. Majarian is an innovative manager and skilled negotiator with nearly thirty years’ experience in business, finance and law. He has had significant successes in business development, start-ups, organization building and crisis management. He has demonstrated ability to analyze effectively and address complex situations that require scope and multitasking. His expertise is in business development, corporate finance and ship management.

He has entrepreneurial experience in parcel chemical tanker transportation, having set-up and participated as a partner with Gadot Chemical Industries in a joint-venture carrying chemical cargoes between the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe for major accounts such as Shell, BP, Exxon, Total, ICI and Dow Chemical. He has worked closely on projects with major chemical tanker operators like the Stolt Nielsen Group. Prior this, he worked for the Onassis and Martinos Groups in Monte Carlo and Greece respectively.

In addition, he has considerable financial expertise. He was a corporate loan officer for the Bank of America. He handled major shipping industry relationships. He also has experience with non- performing loans and debt restructuring. More recently, he has worked with the major NY investment banks active in shipping issues. He has had road show experience with institutional investors, hedge funds and private equity firms. He has relations with numerous major shipping banks like NIB Capital, Credit Suisse, and DvB Bank. He has also worked with major investment banks like Brock Capital, Global Hunter, Jefferies, and Maxim as well as institutional investors like the Fortress Group, Kelso and KKR.

He frequently advises on shipping matters major institutional investors who hold large positions in publicly listed shipping companies and distressed asset investors who purchase shipping debt at discount. He has given seminars in London on the shipping industry to select groups of international institutional investors. He was the 2013 key note speaker at the Hong Kong Shipping forum on business models and strategies. He works on a retainer basis with several privately held shipping companies in Greece in the dry bulk and product tanker sectors.

He attended the CEPUN Program at IAE University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, where he concentrated incorporate finance and general management. He earned a JD with specialization in international affairs from Cornell Law School. He did his undergraduate studies at Reed College and University of Pennsylvania.

He has attended numerous seminars in such diverse areas as advanced financial management, advanced credit analysis, negotiation skills, and Bimco maritime arbitration. IMD invited him to attend their Shipping Investment and Risk Management Forum in August 2006. The Wharton School at Penn selected him to participate in their June 2008 Advanced Management Program.

Mr. Majarian speaks four languages: English, Greek, French and Italian. He lives in Varkiza, Greece.

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