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In 1974, the European Commission set up a Port Working Group, consisting of port authority representatives from Europe’s major ports. Early 1993, the European Sea Ports Organisation was born out of this working group, as an independent lobby for seaport interests. Founding Chairman was the late Ferdinand Suykens, former director-general of the Port of Antwerp.

Based in Brussels, the European Sea Ports Organisation ensures that seaports have a clear voice in the European Union. ESPO represents the common interests and promotes the common views and values of its members to the European institutions and its policy makers.

  • ESPO assists its members in gaining a better understanding of policy initiatives of importance to the sector.
  • ESPO assists European policy makers in better understanding the role and importance of port authorities, based both on its extensive knowledge of the sector and on reliable information and data.
  • ESPO is also engaged in a continuous dialogue with all European stakeholders in the port and maritime sector.
  • Finally, over the years, ESPO has turned into a unique knowledge network of European port authorities.
  • ESPO was created in 1993.


Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee is a Corporate member of Maritime London

Greek Shipping Co-Operation Committee

Tel:+44 (0)2076 264 545
Fax:+44 (0)2076 960 701
Address:The Baltic Exchange
38 St Mary Axe
United Kingdom


The Baltic Ports Organization is a regional ports organization inspiring and supporting its members while cooperating pro-actively with relevant partners.

BPO was established on October 10, 1991, in Copenhagen, with an aim to facilitate cooperation among the ports and to monitor and improve the possibilities for shipping in the Baltic Sea region. Development over the past years has proceeded very quickly and at present BPO has entered new, challenging and exciting phases. Currently, included in BPO are 41 of the most significant ports in the nine countries surrounding the Baltic Sea as well as seven friendship members. BPO is well-recognized within the BSR, in EU bodies and other European regions.

The organization’s mission is to contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainable development of maritime transport and the port industry in the Baltic Sea region, thereby strengthening its global competitiveness.

The Nautical Instute

The Nautical Institute is an international representative body for maritime professionals involved in the control of sea-going ships. We provide a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world.


Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GISBIR) was established by shipyard owners on 07.07.1971 in Istanbul. Improving the Turkish shipbuilding industry, helping the Turkish shipyards to take place in world market, finding solutions for common problems of shipyards through relevant authority, representing the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry in national and international areas are among the missions of GISBIR.

As of 2018, GISBIR has 97 members.

GISBIR is one of the oldest non-governmental organization in Turkey and the sole representative of the Turkish ship and yacht building, repair and maintenance industry and in relations with national and international authorities, associations and organizations.


WISTA Hellas is a non-profit organization of women in top management positions in Shipping based in Greece. WISTA Hellas was established in 1993 and currently has approximately 300 members. The aim of the Association is the facilitation of business networking and sharing of business intelligence and experiences among its members with a view to strengthen the position of women in the Industry. WISTA organizes and hosts a number or seminars, forums and events featuring experts both from within the country and the international shipping community and puts under its auspices major industry events acting as an industry voice for shipping matters.


The ISES Association is an organisation whose members have all been carefully selected to ensure that the Association maintains a very high level of dedicated and specialised expertise to ensure customer satisfaction, wherever in the world they are called upon to provide a service.

The object of the Association, which has got more than 50 years of history, is to unite a quality worldwide service network of companies specialising in repair, service or manufacture of all forms of marine related equipment.

  • ISES is essentially a non-profit enterprise that exists to co-ordinate and market the international activities of its member companies. To help achieve this aim it employs a Secretary General. As a group, the objective of ISES is to unite an independent, high quality worldwide network of members to provide electrical, mechanical, electronic and specialised services to the marine industry.
  • Ship owners who engage the services of an ISES member can be confident that they are utilising the skills of a quality assured service company. The Association has members in more than 30 countries, covering over 150 ports, including some not covered by other service networks.


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